"As a whole, young black people are less likely to participate in international opportunities when compared to other ethnicities."

We understand how racial and socio-economic challenges can lead to low participation, discrimination, and unsafe international environments for young black people in the context of international education.


We're committed to removing as many of those barriers by creating, sharing and promoting the potential achieved through international opportunities and equipping young people with the resources and communities that they need to learn and travel with confidence and security.

Image by Emmanuel Offei


We Share

We share the stories of Black young people studying, working and living abroad to inspire and encourage others like them to do the same.

We Create

Finding the right opportunities isn't easy. that's why we're working to create more accessible, affordable and representative opportunities for young people who wouldn't necessarily have the abilities to do so.

We Connect 

With self- exploration and discovery at the heart of what we do. We connect young people with the diverse communities they need to feel heard and seen when away from home. 

We Support 

We're equipping young people with the support and resources that they need to work, learn, live and travel with confidence and security.